“The Big 6″ Media Conglomerates – How Much Do They Really Control?

On tuesday, we talked about the state of our country’s media programs, and how they are ultimately controlled by only a handful of large companies and corporations. Basically, the preferences of the executives of these companies will have influence in the news programming on the television channels that they own. To take this even further, media in America has the power to hide, show, highlight, or downplay certain situations, events, or in that matter, anything that each channel’s respective executives want. The media executives have the authority to control their companies.

In lecture, there was a question asking “what percentage of American media is controlled by the ‘Big 6′ media conglomerates?” I have found a fairly thorough answer.

A website titled “Frugal Dad” has created a visual representation of just how much the “Big 6″ media conglomerates actually control.

The analysis continues, with a breakdown of different media types.

From this, it certainly seems like these 6 companies really are “taking over”.

-Ian Simpson

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